Faith-based responses to homelessness at Consortium Meeting May 12th

Our May 12th Consortium Meeting will discuss faith-based responses to homelessness, including relief, advocacy and volunteerism, and re-imagining property. Many of our stakeholders will be presenting.

United Way will also present on SB 679, which:

  • Creates the L.A. County Affordable Housing Solutions Agency
  • A single affordable housing solutions agency in Los Angeles County
  • Raises its own public and private revenue to fund systemic solutions to the countywide affordable housing crisis
  • This includes¬†100% affordable housing and renter protection programs.

Here is a link to the current bill:


Wednesday, May 12th


Registration and Zoom information to follow.

Other agenda items include:

Stakeholder Updates

  • HI (Homeless Initiative)
  • CES - Union Station Homeless Services
  • CES - Hathaway-Sycamores
  • Board of Supervisors/Elected Officials
  • Law Enforcement

Member Updates

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