Definition of Permanent Supportive Housing


    Permanent Supportive Housing

    Permanent Supportive Housing is an intervention for people who need housing assistance and supportive services to live with stability and independence in their communities. Many Permanent Supportive Housing programs use a Housing First approach (rapid access to housing with minimal preconditions) to serve people experiencing homelessness. • Permanent Supportive Housing is a combination of housing and services designed for people with serious mental illnesses or other disabilities who need support to live stably in their communities. These services can include case management, substance abuse or mental health counseling, advocacy, and assistance in locating and maintaining employment. Permanent Supportive Housing is a proven solution for people who have experienced chronic homelessness as well as other people with disabilities, including people leaving institutional and restrictive settings. •

    Housing First

    Housing First is an approach and framework for ending homelessness that is centered on the belief that everyone can achieve stability in permanent housing directly from homelessness and that stable housing is the foundation for pursuing other health and social services goals. Implementing Housing First involves both project-level and community-level dimensions. Implementing Housing First at project level, including in permanent supportive housing models, means having screening practices that promote the acceptance of applicants regardless of their sobriety or use of substances, completion of treatment, and participation in services. At the community-level, Housing First means that the homeless crisis response system is oriented to help people obtain permanent housing as quickly and with few intermediate steps as possible. Permanent supportive housing and Housing First should be thought of as two complementary tools for ending chronic homelessness and helping people with disabilities live independently in the community. Permanent supportive housing is a successful and proven programmatic and housing intervention, while Housing First is a framework that can be and should used within permanent supportive housing, as well as in other program models, and as a community-wide framework for ending homelessness.


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