Vision – Educate, collaborate and advocate to end homelessness in the San Gabriel Valley.

Mission – To facilitate partnerships, educate the community and member agencies, and advocate for appropriate housing and services in the San Gabriel Valley.

In 1995, Thomas P. McGuiness and LeLand Kaiser planned for and held the first meetings of what was then called the East San Gabriel Valley Task Force on Homelessness. This involved working to validate the homelessness situation within the San Gabriel Valley, identify the existing resources, and the gaps in resources. Tom and Joe gathered key service providers for the first monthly meetings of the Consortium at the end of 1995. For the first ten years, the Consortium, operating on a volunteer basis, continued to grow its network of organizations working with the homeless in the San Gabriel Valley.


The Consortium hosted the Homeless Summit, “The Agony of the Homeless in the East San Gabriel Valley”.


By 2001, the Consortium had completed a formal research study, hosted a Homeless Summit, compiled and distributed a comprehensive resource manual, conducted a homeless outreach project, and mobilized a cold and wet weather shelter medical outreach team. They also developed a grant in cooperation with the City of Los Angeles requesting significant funds to better serve the homeless in the San Gabriel Valley.


The Tri-City Homeless Count was completed and a summit on housing and homelessness was held in Covina, CA.


The results from the Homeless Count were made available to the public online.


The decision was made to submit a grant application to Los Angeles County under the Homeless and Housing Program Fund to implement the Consortium’s Community Engagement and Regional Capacity Building (CERC) Program.


The Consortium was awarded the Community Engagement and Regional Capacity Building (CERC) grant through the City of Pomona and began to formally establish the Consortium as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.


Staff was hired and Volunteers of America of Greater Los Angeles was contracted to provide business incubation services for the Consortium.


The Consortium achieved 501 (c) (3) nonprofit corporation status by the IRS in April. In July, the San Gabriel Valley Housing and Homeless Coordinating Council and the Consortium consolidated to better utilize its resources in an effort to end homelessness in the San Gabriel Valley. The Consortium included nearly 400 participating agencies. The Consortium has plans for continued growth as the broker of services and information relating to homelessness in the San Gabriel Valley.