Perspectives on Housing and Homelessness: LA and Beyond

Below, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most important and relevant podcasts to issues of homelessness in the San Gabriel Valley, Los Angeles County, and beyond. 


We The Unhoused

A podcast hosted by Theo Henderson, an unhoused activist currently in residence at UCLA Luskin. On this podcast, Theo explores the struggles of being unhoused and offers a perspective from the frontlines for the greater public to better understand the plights of being unhoused.

History of Homelessness in Los Angeles

Two UCLA history PhD students talk about homelessness and housing policy as it relates to LA County. A valuable perspective on housing and homelessness in LA, and an account of the violent and racist history of the area.

Homelessness LA: The Human Experience

A podcast exploring the personal stories of unhoused people in and around Los Angeles.

Mike Davis Interview – The Libros Schmibros Podcast

Mike Davis, prolific and legendary cultural critic is interviewed about his book, City of Quartz, that gives a good perspective on and commentary of Los Angeles.


Healing The Land IS Healing Ourselves

We must frame our discourse around homelessness by striving to understand the long history of settler colonial violence and erasure of indigenous people on the land we all live.This podcast is an episode of All My Relations, a show led by two indigenous women. A good conversation about the relationship between the body and the land on which we all reside. The hosts discuss environmental justice and slow violence, topics very relevant to issues of homelessness.

Handcuffed and Unhoused

This podcast highlights the intersection between incarceration and homelessness among the unhoused population of Portland, Oregon.

Life After Prison: Housing & Support Once You Leave

A podcast on housing after prison.

Narratives of Homelessness

A PhD Medical student interviews professionals and other individuals involved in homelessness and housing work to better understand it, and how medical students and public health professionals can contribute to ending homelessness.

Ep. 26: The State of Indigenous Homelessness

On indigenous homelessness in Canada. Homelessness is discussed as not only a lack of housing but also an absence of necessary relationships.

The Housing Problem

Two long time community organizers/affordable housing developers talk homelessness, gentrification, racial justice in housing, and more as it pertains to New York City.